Meet Jason

Brewmaster and Owner

Favorite Beer: Malty Momma (Marzen)

Fun Fact: Jason loves the Miami Dolphins and could land a plane if there was no pilot

Meet Mary

Mead Maker, Owner, and in charge of everything sparkly

Favorite Beer:  What the Helles? (Munich Helles)

Fun Fact: Mary loves riding her electric bike and her favorite Disney Princess is Belle

Meet Chelsey

Taproom Manager, Bartender, Bingo and Trivia Host

Favorite drink: Lemonade Blushy

Fun Fact: Chelsey can name all 50 states in alphabetical order and loves Kermit the Frog

Meet Laura

Lawncare Specialist and Bartender

Favorite Beer: Jon Boat (Dunkel Weissbier)

Fun Fact: Laura is going back to school this year to be a physical therapy assistant and she can make the best steak you have ever had

Meet Erika


Favorite drink: Can you see my Navel? (Orange Blossom Mead)

Fun Fact: Erika has a 200lb dog named Sully!