Edisto River Brewing Company's name is taken from one of the sources of our local water supply along with the Bushy Park Reservoir. Water is the main ingredient in beer. In fact, it makes up 90 to 95 percent of your beer’s contents. With water being such an integral part of our beer we only thought it proper that our name reflected the source of that water. The Edisto is considered the longest free-flowing blackwater river in the United States and one of the longest in the world. . Originating in Saluda and Edgefield counties the river traverses more than 5,000 stream miles and meanders through 11 counties before reaching the Atlantic Ocean. The Edisto River’s name originated from the word edisto, a Native American term that means “black” and refers to the dark color of the river created from decaying leaves and other plant material. It was most likely named by the Edisto Tribe, a member of the Cusabo family of tribes that lived along the lower Edisto River in present-day Edisto Island and surrounding Charleston and Colleton counties.